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Altynalmas at present time

Altynalmas at present time


 At present time JSC “AK Altynalmas” is one of the most famous gold producers in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At present time 1 400 employees work in the Company. The Company has high qualified personnel of engineer-technical employees and modern technical equipment. The Company in its productive operation pays special attention to matters of environmental protection and social responsibility. Long-term strategy of the Company is increase of competitive ability by introduction of new technology and continuous increase of its employees’ qualification.


Main directions of the Company’s operation are listed below:


·         production of precious metal;

·         extraction of precious metal and other minerals, their processing;

·         extraction of non-metallic;

·         geological survey operations;

·         project and construction-montage operations;

·         financing of scientific-research, project and exploration operations;

·       construction and reconstruction of productions on survey, extraction and processing of precious metal by means of the Company and attraction of funds;


Main achievement of the Company is establishment modern high technology mining and processing productions of international level on the basis of reserves of gold deposits of Akbakai region in Moiynkum district of Zhambyl area and Pustynnoye deposit in Aktogai district of Karaganda area.

The Company finished reconstruction and modernization of Akbakai gold processing plant and related infrastructure with five time increase of productive capacity of the plant from 200 thousand tons to 1 million tons in 2011. Raw materials base of the project consisted by 6 deposits located in Moiynkum district of Zhambyl area. Total volume of investments to project next five years will exceed 150 million US dollar.



The Company put into operation second project (“Pustynnoye” project) on December 25, 2014 in same named deposit in Aktogai district, Karaganda area. Processing capacity of the project is 2 million tons of gold ore per year. Development of deposit will be executed by open-pit method. The Project is equipped by mining and technologic equipment from famous global producers. Investments come to the amount of approximately 140 million US dollar. The Project was included to Map of Industrial development.


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