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JSC “AK Altynalmas” pays special attention to protection of environment and social environment in districts of development of own projects. The Company stands for compliance with laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and introduces international standards and optimum accessible technology.


Management principles of ecological and social policy


- Sustainable development as well-balanced satisfying of economical, ecological and social needs without damage of needs of future generations.

- Assessment of risk and Presumption of potential ecological hazard of the Company’s operation.

- Priority of taking of preventive measures over measures on elimination of negative ecological consequences by making and introduction of Plans of mitigating measures.

- Construction of facilities with due consideration of characteristics of natural environment in districts of operations execution (sharp continental climate, wind erosion, potential earthquake activity and others).

- Use of best accessible technology of mining extraction and ore processing.

- Ecological safe waste reclamation.

- Control of safety of technological processes and monitoring of environment in districts of development.

- Responsibility for pollution of environment and compensation of inevitable damage in full measure.

- Prevention of emergency and providing elimination of their consequences including rehabilitation of ecosystems and objects of the animal world.

- Taking into consideration interests and rights of local population for preservation of healthy and ecologically clean environment, maintenance of traditional way of life, cultural integrity, management of own lands and fair compensation for their using. Respect for local traditions, natural, cultural, historical values and for language.

- Recognition of workers’ and local population’s right for free, preliminary and provision of information, expression of consent or disagreement regarding to conducting of industrial development touching on lands of their traditional habitation and management of natural resources, means of subsistence. Jointly making decisions about progress of Projects realization.

- Freedom of success and openness of ecologically significant information.

- Openness for public ecological control.

- Rigorous compliance with requirements of laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan in field of environment protection and ecological safety.

- Familiarization of all employees with ecological and social policy, compliance with them during execution of operations.


 During planning and projection environmental impact assessment of each Project are organized with particular care: throughout year detailed collection of data and study of region for revealing of vulnerable aspects and risks. Taking into consideration specific character of particular Project, detailed plans of measures are made and optimum procedures and technology on decrease of negative impact are introduced. For example, Plans on control of dusting, control of cyanide, wastes, reclamation and closing.


During 2011-2012 the Company expended more 10 million US dollar for investing of environmental protection measures, and 2,6 million US dollar for social actions.


Quintessential social actions are listed below:


- Protection of soil, ground water: storage of wastes, processing in moisture-proof tailing dump.

- Reclamation of wastes; recycling of ground stored tailings of previous production; priority of storage of overburden rocks in depleted pits and depleted underground spaces; maximum recycling and reclamation of all types of wastes (tires, used oil., accumulators, luminescent lamps).

- Rational use of water resources: introduction of run-around system of water supply in gold processing plant and full excluding of industrial emissions to environment, purchase and assembling of stations of biological cleaning of sanitary effluents.

- Protection of atmospheric air: equipping by dust-exhaust system of new crushing set instead of screening-and-crushing set, in this screening-and-crushing set wasn’t effective system.

- Social: construction of drinking-water line of best quality to Akbakai settlement; water supply and electric supply of the settlement; ownership of bath-house, repair of police station and school in the settlement; keeping of roads of the settlement.

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