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The Dispatch and Underground Positioning System

JSC “AK Altynalmas” is currently implementing STRATA CommTrac, Personnel Positioning, Underground Communication and Safety System and technology in underground mines of Akbakai and Beskempir. The aim of this project is to solve the tasks to ensure keeping records of working hours of staff and equipment in underground facilities, to reduce injuries and increase safety by monitoring the location of personnel and automatic warning if the former is found in areas not connected with shifting job order and if transportation is approaching. The system is expected to provide quick transfer of text and visual information between the personnel, continuous monitoring of transport in the mine facility, continuous monitoring of facility’s air and gas mine atmosphere and quick search of personnel if accident happens.

With opportunities of the system we can a) improve the quality and reliability of reporting for making managerial decisions, b) enhance the capability of review and forecast of data for making managerial decisions, c) reduce labor intensity and timeframes for preparing analytical reporting in the integration with existing accounting and data collection systems, d) integrate various production and functional units of underground sites into a common information model as users of relevant information.

The tasks of the system are related to the security and coordination of the people’s location in the underground facilities. The system ensures alarm reporting for personnel, continuous monitoring of the location of personnel and vehicles, transfer of textual information, data transfer from transportation, control of distance between personnel and transport, control and alarming personnel found in prohibited zones, ensuring the receipt of accident reports.

The system should rapidly provide all underground mine personnel with the information about an emergency for the purpose of possible subsequent evacuation. The alarm signal will be sent by facility’s dispatcher by the system’s means through clicking the software system button. Every employee who is in the mine will receive the signal individually regardless of his location before, during and after the accident. The system can be used as a primary or as a back-up alarm channel used in conjunction with other alarm systems.

The system is compliant with the requirements specified in the Law of RoK “On civil protection”, the Rules for industrial safety of hazardous production facilities engaged in mining and exploration activities approved by the Order #352 of the Minister of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 30, 2014.

Technicians expect that software systems should perform the functions of a contactless sensing of individual of RFID-tags’ numbers assigned to the miners when they are found in capture zone of scanning units. Additionally, they should transfer data on the registered labels on the System server, maintain a list of registered tags in the scanning unit in the case of temporary disability of communication channel, process the data, archive and visualize the results of the system to take the necessary measures and decisions in a short space of time.

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