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Social sphere


Being socially oriented company JSC “AK Altynalmas” pays special attention to development of social sphere in district of location of own productive facilities and compliance with all measures on providing of  comfortable habitation and safety of population.


One of the achievements of the Company is construction of modern rotation camp, where provided all backgrounds for normal work and activities of daily living of workers. In rotation camp there are gym hall, complex of domestic servicing, modern hostels, medical facility, and organized three meals.


Under accepted contractual obligations and for purposes resolving of social-economical, municipal housing problems, improvement of engineer-communicative infrastructure, spectrum spreading and improvement of quality of rendered services, and above all, improvement of the quality of life and wellbeing of population, the Company made and accepted for realization “2012-2015 Plan of social sphere development in Akbakai settlement”. Main problems those are resolved in connection with realization of this plan listed below:


1. Issues of water supply of the Akbakai settlement.

Construction of 75 km length water conduit of drinking and service water supply Sarybulak-2 – Akbakai is nearly completed. Until its putting into operation the Company shall be responsible for providing of water to residents of the settlement.


2. Electric supply

Electric power supply, repair of power lines and electric supply of all social facilities of Akbakai settlement are realized at the expenses and resources of JSC “AK Altynalmas”.


3. Keeping of sanitary condition of the settlement.

The Company submitted proposal to Akimat of Moiynkum district about construction of new landfill of hard wastes in place of existing “landfill”. The Company shall be responsible for all expenses on projection and construction of landfill, on its maintenance and removal of domestic garbage.


4. Keeping and repair of facilities of social infrastructure:

- for keeping of settlement roads and highway Akbakaki-Mirnyi in good condition the Company permanently execute operations on snow clearance and repair of emergency sections of road.

- major repair, realization of keeping and maintenance of bath-house of Akbakai settlement were executed by the Company.

- financing of expenses of the settlement’s police station: habitation and feed of employees, electric supply of police station and places of residence, providing of combustive and lubricating materials.


5. Medical aid to population.

For residents of the settlement twenty-four-hour is available emergency call of medical facility’s doctors of enterprise. Medical facility is equipped by automotive transport and equipment of emergency first medical aid.


6. Training of local personnel

The Company conducts training of young people who graduated Akbakai high school, residents of Akbakai and Moiynkum district on specialties that required in extractive and processing productions of JSC “AK Altynalmas”. For example, during 2011-2012 78 people studied in higher and secondary-special education establishments who wanted to work in the enterprise. Total allocated sum for training comes to the amount of 3,6 million tenge. Obtained engineering specialties: “Geology and survey of minerals”, “Mining”, “Metallurgy and processing”; trade programs: “Operator hydro metallurgist”, “Machinist of pump set”, “Machinist of excavator”, “Underground mine worker”, “Repair and maintenance man of technological equipment and etc. Working specialists shall take advanced courses. After studying specialists will be provided with work places.


7. Organization of cultural-public events and leisure time.

For children of Akbakai tournaments on football, wrestling and table tennis with giving of memorable gifts to winners are permanently organized, box section under school was established, sport equipment was bought by the Company’s employees. On the occasion of celebration of national holidays and New Year for pupils of secondary school and children of preschool age, mothers of many children, pensioners, disabled persons and employees of education and medicine field are bought gifts.

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